Keys to Networking #1

The Power is in the Seed not the Sower.

The sower does not change the potential and purpose of the seed.  The sower determines what seeds to plant, how many seeds to plant and how they will be nurtured.  The sower does not grow the seed.  We have to be obedient to the sowing in order for the seeds of our life to grow and produce.  We also have to have purpose and vision in order to appropriately choose the seeds we plant.

When we start to understand that the power is in the seed, we can embrace humility closer and get off of our own back as to whether we are adequate or not. Everyone and anyone can plant and change the results of their harvest.  It does not take much skill to plant in the context that we are talking about.  It does take an understanding of what seeds need to be planted to create the desired harvest.

Networking is often treated as part of the sales process.  In my opinion, it is far from that.  I believe the purpose of networking is to connect with your outer circle and earn relationships that move to your inner circle.  If networking is treated as part of the sales process, most attempts will be futile.  The other party will put up their walls and become a wounded avoider to a degree.

In order to gain the incredible benefits of networking, we have to understand and embrace the right seeds to plant and the purpose of those seeds.  I believe that there are three over-arching categories that we need to focus on when networking.

  1. Many hands make lite work-We often approach an event as an attendee.  The larger the group, the more available opportunities.  Each attendee should pick the events they will go to and make a strong effort to increase the attendance to the events.  With many hands on the project, the results become dynamic and enthusiastic.  It is vital we adopt the mentality of being others-focused and not self-focused.
  2. Be a connector of People-It is more important that you take the time and energy at an event to introduce and edify people to others.  In order to do this properly, you really need to know the positive attributes of the person you are introducing, which is step 3.  The group will begin to respect and appreciate you.  This also begins the process of trust and we can all agree that trust is a key ingredient to earning clients.
  3. Connect…Connect…Connect with People-Everything rises and falls on Leadership.  Leadership is influence.  Influence comes from connecting.  Connecting is ALL about the other person.  Connecting requires attentive listening, hearing and understanding.  It requires a strong desire to find common ground without forcing common ground.  It will usually require several questions on our part with a genuine desire to hear the answers.  **CODE RED-It is not wise to move on to discuss anything about me or my business until I have connected with the individual and they have genuinely granted me permission.  Any move to do so prior will be an irritant at best because they will be forced to be courteous and they will feel like they are missing an opportunity to meet someone interesting in the room.

This is a very brief outline of a vast and important training on the Keys to Networking.  We will be teaching on this subject at our June Seminar and June Networking Event.  Each event will go deeper into the philosophies and benefits of building a Power Network.  You can register for the events on our Calendar.


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