What We learned about the Law of Reciprocity

In October of 2011, We made a very bold move to buck the traditional sales process.  We legitimately put our self interest to the bottom of our priority list to evoke the true laws of success.  In that move, Local Impact Zone powered by the Law of Reciprocity was formed and is now expanding nationally and soon internationally.  We offer it 100% free to our members and they are experiencing rewards of revenue, education and branding.  Many are experiencing tremendous personal and business growth.  We are truly grateful for our members and what they represent.  They are proving….

  • It is better to give than to receive but receiving is necessary in order for someone else to have the opportunity to give.
  • We can do more together as a team than any person can do alone.  The concept of The Power Network.
  • That Giving First does empower the Law of Reciprocity.
  • That Giving Big proves that you are all in and committed to the Law.
  • That Giving Consistently proves that you have staying power and that others are truly important.  Now I can trust you.  Now I can let you in.
  • It is impossible to truly build trust without listening and hearing and investing my time.
  • Humanity is willing to follow an example of servant hood in business and still achieve their goals and dreams.
  • It is okay for our peers to make a profit because we want them to be okay with us making a profit.
  • People change slowly but change is necessary.  It requires daily dedication and adds up over a long period of time.  The key is to start and stay started.  Never quit the process of personal growth.
  • Failure is not the opposite of Success, quit is the opposite of success.  We also know that we need to have an Over-Arching Life Vision NOW!!  This allows us to know if what we are doing is the right thing and if not, we need to have the courage to change.
  • In order to receive a quantum exponential effect to your business and life from a Power Network, you have to embrace the perspective, needs and philosophies of THE POWER NETWORK.  It will not work if everyone takes and no one gives.

In summary, we were right!  The world desperately needs accountability from its inhabitants.  There is no quick fix and no free ride.  We need to develop our character and have a burning desire to be better.  We all need to, without exception, develop an Over Arching Life Vision for our time here and from that Vision make our thoughts, words and actions completely align with it.  Being congruent allows us to shed confusion and inconsistency and adopt accountability which leads to better self esteem.  Ultimately self esteem is keeping many of us from our potential.  We need to all adopt the reality that lack of money, lack of time and lack of knowledge are only sufficient excuses if you are willing to part with your hearts desires.  Be for others what you want to see others being for you.

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