A Pattern of Accountability

We all seem to have patterns that produce good results and not so good results.  These patterns are created and repeated based on information stored in the files of the subconscious.  Those files seem to be created by the recording of experiences determined by choices.  Accountability, or the lack of it is a major player in someones success.

Our “WORD” is our bond and keeping our word forms a major part of our character which ultimately determines our destiny.  Adversely, as we give our word or make a commitment to something and fail to follow through, we begin to chip away at our character and we lose power and confidence.  In my opinion, it is impossible to have belief that we can achieve anything of significance when we have formed patterns of incompletion.

Patterns of incompletion form every time we make an absolute statement and do not back that statement with character to see it through.  I love this definition of character, “Character is the ability to follow through with a decision once the emotion in which the decision was made has passed”.  Many declarations or absolute statements are made at an emotional height.  Once that emotion wears off, based on previous patterns and a lack of integrity, we start to form justifications of why it would be okay to not follow through.  I believe it starts in small things and eventually becomes so significant that ultimately impacts the direction of our life.  Consequently when we give in to these justifications, the universe supports our decision and delivers proof of why we shouldn’t follow through.  For example, we run into someone we haven’t seen in a while.  The encounter is filled with hugs and smiles and gratitude.  In the heat of the moment, we say something stupid like, “We should get together!”, knowing full well that we are going to be busy and won’t call.  At this point there are only two choices and having three will ultimately produce total failure in life.  We either make the call and get together or we don’ make the statement to begin with.

The integrity gap caused by the lack of accountability is killing people in my opinion.  I know I am guilty of it and so are you.  I know when I do it and how it hurts me when I do it.  Accountability is the ability to be counted and counted on.  If the people around us can’t trust that we will follow through then why would we ever expect that the people in our outer circles would come into our inner circle where all of success flows from based on the Law of Association.

Can we honor ourselves with a declaration?  Can we honor others with that same declaration?  No excuses, no justifications, no compromise!  When we make a statement, when we book a meeting, when we set our alarm, when we begin a personal development program, when we register for an event, when we start a plan to better health, when we promise our spouse and kids, when we declare to everything in and around us to do something, can we please make our words count?  People are counting on us and they are often scared to do so.  It is way past the time to make this more important than ever.  xoxoxo

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