A Pattern of Accountability

We all seem to have patterns that produce good results and not so good results.  These patterns are created and repeated based on information stored in the files of the subconscious.  Those files seem to be created by the recording of experiences determined by choices.  Accountability, or the lack of it is a major player in someones success.

Our “WORD” is our bond and keeping our word forms a major part of our character which ultimately determines our destiny.  Adversely, as we give our word or make a commitment to something and fail to follow through, we begin to chip away at our character and we lose power and confidence.  In my opinion, it is impossible to have belief that we can achieve anything of significance when we have formed patterns of incompletion.

Patterns of incompletion form every time we make an absolute statement and do not back that statement with character to see it through.  I love this definition of character, “Character is the ability to follow through with a decision once the emotion in which the decision was made has passed”.  Many declarations or absolute statements are made at an emotional height.  Once that emotion wears off, based on previous patterns and a lack of integrity, we start to form justifications of why it would be okay to not follow through.  I believe it starts in small things and eventually becomes so significant that ultimately impacts the direction of our life.  Consequently when we give in to these justifications, the universe supports our decision and delivers proof of why we shouldn’t follow through.  For example, we run into someone we haven’t seen in a while.  The encounter is filled with hugs and smiles and gratitude.  In the heat of the moment, we say something stupid like, “We should get together!”, knowing full well that we are going to be busy and won’t call.  At this point there are only two choices and having three will ultimately produce total failure in life.  We either make the call and get together or we don’ make the statement to begin with.

The integrity gap caused by the lack of accountability is killing people in my opinion.  I know I am guilty of it and so are you.  I know when I do it and how it hurts me when I do it.  Accountability is the ability to be counted and counted on.  If the people around us can’t trust that we will follow through then why would we ever expect that the people in our outer circles would come into our inner circle where all of success flows from based on the Law of Association.

Can we honor ourselves with a declaration?  Can we honor others with that same declaration?  No excuses, no justifications, no compromise!  When we make a statement, when we book a meeting, when we set our alarm, when we begin a personal development program, when we register for an event, when we start a plan to better health, when we promise our spouse and kids, when we declare to everything in and around us to do something, can we please make our words count?  People are counting on us and they are often scared to do so.  It is way past the time to make this more important than ever.  xoxoxo

How to maximize the Power Network!

LIZ ModelHow to maximize Your Experience in this Power Network

The key to a great experience with Local Impact Zone is to be present and congruent with the philosophy, “Giving First to Empower the Law of Reciprocity”.  The Power of the network is in how we all show up and what we perceive when we show up.  Remember that LIZ is FREE for its members because it is funded through our funding partnerships.  Please be conscious of our funding sources so that you can participate when it is applicable and appropriate so the program remains free.  Here are some ways to show up so you can go up!

It is of critical importance that we all understand that LIZ has created a business platform and social community for us to show up and earn relationships that lead to business by applying accurate thinking, right principles, best practices and good character.  The power of the network rests in our ability to be present, engaged, transparent, authentic, serving, trustworthy, positive and of value to others.  It is important to keep gossip, negativity, exclusiveness, offensiveness and unwarranted judgement out of the network.  This does not mean we use these traits to judge others but rather to judge ourselves.  If each of us will begin/ continue a journey of introspect, personal and business development and transformation towards improvement while displaying an attitude of understanding, grace for others, gratitude, encouragement and support that allows others an environment to improve, we will continue to be THE PREMIER FREE POWER NETWORK!


  • One aspect of the Law of Reciprocity is to treat others the way you want to be treated (The Golden Rule).  Here is how that applies practically to LIZ:
    • If you want exposure give exposure
    • If you want followers then follow
    • If you want likes then like
    • If you want interaction then interact
    • If you want your email opened then open emails (Open and Quick glance for interest then delete unless you are interested).
    • If you want a social media audience, then grant a social media audience to others.
    • If you want your blog read and commented in then read and comment on others.
    • If you want people to answer calls then answer others calls.
    • If you want people to respond quickly then respond quickly
    • If you want people to grant you a meeting, then grant others meetings.
    • If you want people to buy from you then make sure you are supporting their products and services when appropriate (If you can’t then make sure you refer others to them)
    • If you want people finding you in the LIZ Directory then search the directory for others.
    • Listen first and more with the intent to learn and connect with others
    • Be others focused and others will focus on you
    • Be a connector of people and with people
    • Be authentic, genuine and transparent appropriately
    • Pursue Accurate Thinking through personal introspect, the Law of Association and reading books on business and personal growth.
    • See others perspective so you can find a 360 degree view

This is how you build a POWER NETWORK of core advocates and maximize your return on investment of money, time and energy to its highest and best in today’s world.  There is no need to fear competition if you are your clients best choice.

Internal Growth before External Growth

So much time and energy is put into outward appearance and skill development without much thought or dedication to internal growth.  In John Maxwell’s book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, he says to total up what you spent on outward appearance over the last 12 months and compare it to what you spent on developing your soul.  We often will look for some type of external change in life in hopes that it will impact and positively alter our course and this is where we can start to develop expectations of people and things that are unhealthy.  Eventually this can lead to bitter cynicism, blame and a feeling that life is unfair.  Why should I even try because things don’t change.  Why me, why does this keep happening to me.

I propose that we start happening to life and quit being tossed by life happening to us.  In order to do that, we have to increase our capacity as a human being.  Being what?  Being wise, Being dependable, being accountable, being productive, being gracious, being sincere, being respectful and respectable, being others focused, being truthful, being transparent, being a problem solver, being strong, being loving and kind, being accurate, being consistent, being persistent, being a human being and not just a human doing.

Inward personal character growth will always proceed the manifestation of outward physical growth.  There is no better investment that you can make than investing in yourself.  Build the man or woman and the man or woman will build the life.  If we try to build the life, there may not be a man or woman to step into it.  It does me no good, nor will it happen authentically, to gain the trappings of success and not have the character to rule over the trapping instead of them ruling over me.

THE KEY:  The key to making a commitment to personal growth is understanding the importance of why and what it will give to you.  It all begins with Vision.  Who do you want to be?  We have to define who we want to be before we can craft the character of that person.

Perception and Perspective

Things are very rarely what they seem, they just are what they are.  Are we making decisions based on how things seem?  Could it be that poor results come from choices that are made based on less than accurate or adequate information.  It is so important that we discover what things really are and we base our decisions on those truths.

I have said for years that I do not believe that we make good or bad choices.  Many will argue that statement.  I believe that we make choices and the results are good or bad.  I don’t believe that we intentionally wake up every morning and say to ourselves, “I wonder what stupid decision I can make today to screw up my life?“.  I believe it is more in line with accurate thinking to realize that we simply make a choice by the files and data stored in our brain and heart.

Why is this even relevant?  I believe we continue to repeat destructive patterns in life because we are not taking time to fix the root of the problems we face.  It seems as if we cycle through these patterns and they continue to repeat not only for ourselves but for our kids and their kids.  Could it be that we keep telling ourselves we will make a better choice next time when in fact it is impossible to make a choice that leads to better results without changing the thinking that made the initial choice to begin with.  Maybe if we rely on random selection and guess and hope we get it right.  I don’t think guessing is a good formula for success however.

Choices are just choices.  The thinking that drives the choice is where the power is.  Choice is the key in the ignition of the car and the power is coming from what happens when you turn the key and where the energy is drawn from.  In order to drive positive empowering results from our choices, we have to sort, filter, add and control the thoughts we allow.  This takes time, practice and dedication to change.

In order to change our minds and hearts, we have to look at Perception and Perspective.  Perception is the recording of life and data from our 5 senses.  What we take in through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  I also have to add in there creative thought, which is a much bigger discussion as to where that comes from.  Perspective is the bias in which we see this information and process it.  If our bias is narrow we will miss the majority of what we have perceived and if our bias is broad we will see much more.  The more we can see the more we can illuminate the choice to be made and continue down the path of success and significance.

Increase Appreciation and Decrease Expectation

If you are doing anything that involves leading people, it is inevitable that you will have frustration.  You became a leader because you decided your Vision was important and you want to be in charge of it.  Along the way you have gathered people, experiences and education and have developed in the area of Accurate Thinking.  Now you see life through a lens of expectation based on what you know and expect from yourself.  We tend to project our thoughts and expectations on to others as if they see what we see.  This is producing one of my biggest struggles in life right now and if you are leading anyone, it may be producing a struggle for you.

I want to talk about projecting our expectation onto other people, the damage it can cause and how to correct it.  This is a very personal act that is between them and I.  The root of this type of projecting is selfishness.  Here are some things I experience in projecting onto others;

  1. Frustration-When I project my expectations onto someone else based on my thinking, capacity, knowledge, ambition and overall lens of life, I set myself up for disappointment as they may or may not be all that I would expect or they may not want to be all that I expect.  I will tend to be frustrated when I see them less than compliant with my thinking.
  2. Friction-If I am leading people it is because they chose to follow. If they chose to follow, there is at least some small amount of permission from them that stems from trust.  As I project expectation and create frustration, I create friction and sometimes damage.  The root of the friction is their discovery that based on my frustration I have a selfish expectation in the relationship.  I will start to see them as living less than the minimum standard I set for myself.
  3. Confusion-As I move forward in this process of building a vision with people and I have strained relationships full of frustration and friction, I become confused.  Things aren’t going my way and my vision seems to become far off at best if not impossible to achieve.  Confusion will do one of two things.  It will either create a need for change and I will respond positively to that need or it will defer hope and I will grow sick and quit.

If your vision is important to you and you know it will take people to fulfill it, then you have to realize everything starts and stops with leadership.  Here is a suggestion for change.

I believe it requires my thoughts, words and actions to project appreciation onto others.  I also believe that my expectations need to be projected through my example in front of people and not onto people.  This allows me to maintain leadership and continue to move forward.  Imagine how impossible it is to move forward when the people you are leading are backing away from you.  It does no good for a leader to end up somewhere alone.  That is not leading, it is taking a hike : )

Over-Arching Life Vision

The more I progress through the process of Survival, Stability, Success and Significance, the more I find it paramount to talk about the importance of creating an Over-Arching Life Vision.   With that Vision, I have found it paramount to work backwards to my starting point and establish the important milestones that are in direct alignment with that Vision.  With each milestone comes a specific game plan.  All of which it is of critical importance to clearly define, quantify into text, numbers, images and feelings and attach very specific dates to.  I had to ask these questions of myself and maybe there is some value for you to ask them of yourself;

Who am I?  Where am I?  Where am I going?  What matters most to me?  What drives me?  How do I want my life to look, feel and be?  What do I want to Give?  What do I want life to give back to me?  How long do I want to live?  What will my Legacy be?  What will occupy my thoughts?  What feelings do I want to foster for myself?  What feelings do I want to foster for others?  What do I believe?  What is my current reality?  What things do i want to have?  What Character do I want to have and model?  What am I doing right now that is moving me in the direction of all of my answers?

I look forward to jumping into this subject completely.  For now, this has enough to think about.  Feel free to post your thoughts and ideas on how you are planning your life.