Introspect for Positive Change

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read these posts.  I know you have so many options of where you can spend your time and I am honored you decided to spend a few minutes here.

I will do my best to share relevant personal and business information derived from experience, studies and my network.  The longer I live the more focus and clarity I find in the difference between fact and opinion.  Some of what I post will be fact and some will be opinion.  I hope that you will read and think about the posts from an objective perspective and use the following formula as part of your thought process:

  1. Introspect-Use each post to look inward
  2. Honesty-Be true to yourself.  Be very real.  Risk honesty with yourself.
  3. Integrity-Let’s have the integrity to act on what is necessary to become our highest and best.
  4. Character-We must have the character to follow through with our plans for change after the emotion has passed that prompted us to initiate the change.
  5. Accountability-First to ourselves and then with others.
  6. Patience and Grace-With myself and others.  No negative self-talk.  Striving for my highest and best with the grace to allow for struggle and delays in the desired change.

My name is Brett Labit and I am the founder of Local Impact Zone.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

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